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Sunday, May 29, 2005

The Bone Scatterer: Paul and Travis

The Bone Scatterer: Paul and Travis

I’m simply going to propose a series of questions that I have about this episode because I just don’t know the answers and would love to know what everybody thinks…

Paul and Travis seem to connect immediately in this episode. From the first time they spy each other in the gym, they form a bond.

Do you think this is so, and why? Is this because they are both touched by the paranormal? Is it simply Paul’s overwhelming compassion for others? Does he connect to others as a reflection of his own loss?

Do you think that Paul’s sense of betrayal by a father who abandoned him is similar to Travis’sense of betrayal by a father who not only beats him, but also lied to him about his mother and brother? Do you think that Alva shares this sense of betrayal by his father?

Do you think that Travis’ father is aware of some sort of bond between Paul and Travis and mistakes it for sexual (The sheriff refers to Paul as a “short eyes.”) If he’s beating his son, why would he care? Or would he not care about Travis, but care about his own image or about Travis as the sheriff’s property?

Do you think that it’s Paul’s psychic connection to Travis that allows him to sense and see Jimmy or do you think it’s Paul’s willingness to help Travis that allows Paul to see Jimmy? If you think that it’s the psychic connection, why does it look like Evie can see Jimmy leaving after the attack on the sheriff, but Alva doesn’t? Could it be that Evie also tried to help Travis when she challenged the school counselor about his responsibilities towards Travis?

My favorite scene in the episode is that of Paul comforting Travis in the cabin after Paul prevents Travis from killing himself. The comforting sounds that Paul makes (sh-sh-sh, hey, hey, hey, etc), the incredible gentleness of his voice, and the sight of Paul gathering Travis to him really gets to me.