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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

About that body...

I hate to break the mood created by Kay's wonderful story but I have to comment on the way that Skeet uses his body. I don't see him as particularly muscular but he has what seems to be an athlete's easy movements. I love the light way that lanky, loose-limbed body moves -- his arms slightly away from his body (taking and releasing that casserole in TMOOD, turning off the light downstairs before attempting to kiss Livy goodnight after the Troy dinner, and more elsewhere!), his head slightly cocked to one side, his legs swinging loosely from his hips (as he walks in the Miracles scene before it starts raining blood on his khakis), that little kick-step as he goes to play catch with Tommy in Miracles), those hands (so expressive when he's talking to Sybil in her trailer trying to process what's happening with Tommy). I have to say that it really makes me want to grab him...this group has really created a safe place because I would never comment on something like this but I had to let off some steam! And don't let me start on reactions to that face. I warn you, I think I'm becoming more prone to these Skeet attacks as time goes on