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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Troy Dinner Scene Re-written, Part II

Note: --Not Hallmark Rated--

This is part II of the Troy dinner scene from the movie, re-written the way I would have had it to go. Part I was edited and re-posted 4/4/05. Chris

part II “Mr. & Mrs. Singleton”

Ray woke with a start when he realized the muffled sounds in his dream were really Livy, sitting on the edge of the bed, obviously in pain. “Livy, what’s wrong, are you alright?”

“It’s my leg, there’s something wrong with the back of my leg. It’s hard and it feels like it’s on fire, it’s not stopping.” Livy’s voice was edgy, nearly panicky.

Ray turned the lamp on. “Show me where it’s hurt’n.” He saw that she was holding her calf muscle and he felt a little relief as he realized it was just a cramp. “Livy, it’s a muscle cramp. I get them all the time when I’ve worked my legs more than usual. Let me rub the cramp out.” Livy was unsure about taking her hands off her leg. She was squeezing the muscle to keep it from cramping worse. Ray took her hands away and began massaging the cramp, his strong hands kneading the knot until it finally started to subside.

Livy lay back, realizing that Ray’s efforts were working, and thanked God for a man who knew so well how to take care of her. Soon her muscle was completely relaxed and she thanked Ray for making the cramp go away. He reached over to turn out the lamp, and as he was settling back into bed, said “You’re welcome, Mrs. Singleton. Anytime.”

“That sure does have a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?” Livy said, proudly owning the name.

“Yes it does. I prefer to use the words ‘my wife’ if it be okay with you.”

“Yes, that will do just fine,” Livy said, and added teasingly, “but, only if it’s okay for me to refer to you as ‘my handsome husband’.” This made Ray blush, even in the darkened room.

“Well, I don’t know anything about ‘handsome…”

Livy interrupted Ray and said, “Hey, I am the expert here and if I say my husband’s handsome, then he is!” Ray chuckled; Livy’s humor told him she was feeling even more comfortable with him. Ray was finally feeling contentment of his own, in his role as her husband. He’d been carrying around some of his own demons lately, worrying that he wouldn’t be enough for Livy with his limited schooling and experiences. He felt better now, knowing that they could work together to keep their bond strong. Ray started to feel tired once again.

Then that another simple gesture added to their growing experience as husband and wife. Livy reached over and placed her hand on Ray’s chest, as she had done earlier in the evening before they went to sleep. This time, however, she unbuttoned the nightshirt and placed her hand inside the shirt onto his smooth, muscular chest. Ray was taken aback by this, but welcomed the direct contact between them.

“I meant it Ray.” Ray wondered what she was talking about, his mind still on her hand caressing his chest, struggling to remember the last thing they’d said.

“Meant what?”

“That you are handsome. I know you won’t believe me and think I don’t know what I’m talking about.” Livy paused for a few seconds before continuing. “Ray, you are the most handsome man I’ve ever met. The goodness that radiates from inside you, and your strong and capable body together make me smile just thinking about you. Sometimes when you spend a long day in the fields, I get goose bumps from just seeing the headlights coming up the road. I can’t wait to be near you again.”

Ray had no idea Livy felt this way about him. He believed that having her want to stay was enough for him, never considering that she would be attracted to him.

“Livy, I don’t know what to say, I didn’t dream you could ever feel this way about me too. I see how people admire you, in church or the store, or even just walking down the street. I’m so proud to be walking next to such a beautiful woman, knowing that she’s my wife.” With that Ray rolled toward Livy and propped up on his elbow next to her. Ray was only a few inches away from Livy’s face and he gently stroked her face, her chin, and her neck.

Ray heard Livy utter a sound of approval as he carefully caressed her earlobes, and down onto her shoulders. “Livy, I don’t want to do anything with you until you are ready.”

Instead of answering him with words, Livy lifted her head from the pillow until her lips met Ray’s and she reached her arm up around his neck. She lay back onto the pillow, kissing him with more passion than earlier, on the stairs.

Finally Ray broke away from her because he wanted to hear her say that it was ok, that she wanted to make love with him. “Are you sure Livy, this is what you want right now?”

“I’m sure Ray; you are everything I want right now.” Livy eased her arm under Ray so she could hold him around his torso, moving herself closer to him, nearly completely underneath him. She looked up into his face. “Well Mr. Singleton, are you going to make love to your wife?” Ray didn’t hesitate and kissed her hard, feeling her hands exploring his back underneath his nightshirt. Livy was easing the shirt up over his head and he sat up to removed it completely.

Ray leaned down to kiss Livy again; holding her so close to him he didn’t know where one ended and the other began. He moved down to kiss Livy’s neck, gently nibbling her earlobes and making his way down to her shoulders. He slid her gown off her shoulder but wanted more of her. “Take this off Livy”.

Ray moved so Livy could sit up and lift her nightgown up over her head. She lay back and he went back to kissing her shoulders and neck as she grasped his back, stroking the long lean muscles that fueled her desire for him. Ray gently held one Livy’s breasts while continuing to kiss her soft skin.

Livy could feel that he wanted her as bad as she wanted him so she began to ease his shorts down off his hips. Ray removed them and dropped them on the floor. Before going back to her, Ray eased Livy’s frilly panties off her and also dropped them to the floor.

Ray leaned back onto Livy, feeling that she had moved her legs so he could lie between them. Ray was enjoying being so close to her, smelling her dusting powder that had been driving him crazy since the day they met. He took a deep breath of her and entered her slowly, not wanting to hurt her in any way. Livy let out a gasp that surprised Ray.

“Livy, are you ok? Is this ok?”

Livy’s voice quivered, and she clearly was enjoying what she was feeling. “Ray, it’s ok, it better than ok.” Hearing that, Ray continued to move inside her, kissing her and massaging her breasts. For her part, Livy was matching Ray’s movements, holding his back, and trying not to dig her nails into his skin.

After a few moments Ray held Livy tightly as he rolled onto his back with her on top of him. The way Livy’s hair brushed over his face and chest made Ray even more eager. He reached up to move her hair away from her face so he could kiss her and run his fingers through her hair. Livy moved with Ray’s guidance, giving him so much pleasure that he struggled to control himself. He held her and rolled Livy onto her back so that he could be directly over her, face to face.

“Livy, I love you so much.”
Breathlessly Livy quickly replied, “I couldn’t love you more than I do right now.” Their movements got faster until they both reached the peak of their lovemaking.


Ray held Livy close to him, both of them facing the same direction, with his face buried in her soft curls. Even though he was feeling so tired, he wanted Livy to know how much this night had meant to him. A quiet thank you was all he could manage to say.

“Don’t thank me Ray, it’s what husbands and wives do.” Ray smiled. Soon they were both again fast asleep.