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Friday, April 15, 2005

Ray's Wisdom

Hello gang - While we count down the hours until Miracles appears in our mailboxes, thought we could get a new discussion going.

1944. World War II. Colorado. Livy Dunne (Russell) has been thrown out of her home by her father, Rev. Dunne, because she's pregnant and unmarried. She's banished to rural Colorado, to go through with an arranged marriage to a lonely farmer, so her child will have a father. When she arrives in the tiny town, Livy and her betrothed are wary of each other. Worldly Livy is bored by Ray and the hardscrabble life he leads–despite his inherent goodness and wisdom. As the months pass, Livy learns more about this calm, practical self-effacing farmer. Slowly almost imperceptibly, Livy realizes she may have found "home" quite accidentally.

This text is the description of TMOOD that is given at the Hallmark website. As I read it recently, the word "wisdom" jumped out at me. Of all the characteristics Ray is given, good, gentle, loving, hard-working, etc., wisdom was not one I had thought about until that time. I had, however, noticed a couple of times where Livy looks at Ray with a pleasantly surprised look over something he had said -- almost as if she's thinking, "I'm impressed at your insight." I wonder if these looks represent her recognition of his wisdom? What are those spots I'm thinking of?
  • When Ray explains his feelings toward the Japanese Americans and why he "keeps his distance" - he doesn't dislike them, he just doesn't socialize with them -- maybe he's not prejudiced as she was inclined to believe at first.
  • When Ray describes how he feels about his land - "In the span of a lifetime, that's near everything."
What do you think about these scenes - is Livy seeing a side of Ray she hadn't seen before?

Can you think of other scenes that might reveal Ray's "wisdom"?