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Friday, April 01, 2005

More Whoopee in the Farm House

These entries came from 7 viewings of TMOOD yesterday and late, late, late chatting or should I say from the east coast side early morning chatting. Last time I pulled an all nighter you got Livy's Assurance post-you all better watch out now. Also, if you haven't chatted with us, come on by we have so much fun. Just log in someone will be by soon. We all check in periodically.

We were on a roll last night, I hope I was able to get them all.

You know there will be whoopee in the farm house (or somewhere else if you so desire) if.......

Livy: "Livy, everyone calls me Livy."
Ray: " All the more reason for me to call you baby."

Ray: "Welcome home."
Livy: "You mean welcome to the Love Shack"

R: "This be alright?"
L: "Only if you stay in here with me"

R: "Need any change?"
L: " No, just leave the $20 on the nightstand on your way out the door."

R: "It's Sunday, I can...."
L: "Give me your Sunday best?wink, wink"

L: "Thanks for lying to Mrs. Pratt."
R: "Yeah, you owe me big time."

R: "I grew up in this house, I ate at this table , all my growing up years my mama never allowed...."
L: " Sex on the table, well she's not here now, so let's get to it."

R: "Livy Dunne"
L: "Mrs. Singleton if you're nasty"

L: "Ray, you are such a good...good"
R: "Man? But I want to be your farmer boy gone bad, Livy"

L: "Ray?!"
R: "Again Livy, how much can a reverend's daughter want?"

Just a note to the girls

I will never be able to ....

Eat chocolate cake again without getting hot
Ride a tractor without north field beans planted in my head or should I say planted somewhere else.
Have another kiss without hands placed on my face
See a branded heifer without lol
Confuse a cowboy with a rancher

I had better stop before I get in too much trouble with the internet police