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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

An Honest Day's Work

Just a short story to interrupt our life with the life of Ray and Livy that we so desire. This is written for all of us who wish we had Livy's honest days work. Enjoy.

Ray was in the barn working when the he heard the screen door slam. Ray loved to hear the sounds of others in the the house. It reminded him that he was not alone. Ray liked the noises found in his house, even noises of Daniel fussing. Daniel was a good baby, and his noises always made Ray smile. Livy was the woman of the house , and this was an attraction that Ray had developed for Livy over the past few months. Livy had found her click in cooking, cleaning, sewing, washing, feeding Daniel, and feeding her husband love that she had for him. Livy seemed to enjoy these ordinary routines with Ray's magic sprinkled on it.

Ray walked to the barn door to see where Livy had gone. A smile was brought to Ray's face when he spotted Livy hanging out fresh laundry. She was hanging out his union suit, undershorts, undershirt, and socks; Livy also hangs out her undergarments. Livy, with a sassy tone, tells Ray that company should come to the front door, not the side. No one should see the laundry, and if they do they all have what they have hanging on the line. Ray wasn't too sure. No one could have as sexy panties and bras as Livy. Ray was sure of it. That's another thing that Ray finds attractive about Livy, her undergarments.

Ray watched Livy as she hung out the laundry. He loved her so much. He hoped that she would always love him and want to be with him in the ordinary days he had to offer.

Livy had turned her back to Ray and he could see her curls waving in the wind despite the ribbon she had tied in her hair. Another thing that Ray found attractive about Livy-her long curly hair flying all around. Livy, hanging out laundry, held her arms above her head which accentuated her thin body. Ray thought about the last time he saw her thin, petite body. How he had caressed evey inch with his lips and hands. How beautiful her body was to him. Ray still could not believe that she was his. Ray licked his lips slowly at the thought of tasting Livy's body. Ray still remembered the satisfying noise that Livy made as he touched her and carrassed her body with his tongue. Ray grinned from satisfaction of that thought.

Ray gave no more thought to the work at hand, he was half way to the clothesline when he got his sleeves rolled down and dusted off his pants. He wanted to look presentable to his wife, his love, his partner, his lover.

When he reached Livy, she was hanging up the last of the laundry; their sheets. He wrapped his arms around Livy from behind and twirled her around. Livy let out a squeal of excitement.

Livy breathless said, "I thought you were in the barn working?"

Ray quickly responded, " Who can work when his beautiful wife is seducing him from afar?"

Livy blushing said, " Well, Mr. Singleton, those were not my intentions. I am an honorable woman trying to do an honest days work."

Ray, talking so out of character that it even surprised him, with a smirk on his face replied, " Well, The Most Honorable Mrs. Singleton, let me introduce you to your new honest days work."

Livy catching on, but enjoying the seductive dialogue, continued the conversation, "What on earth are you talking about, Mr. Honest Days Work? I think I have enough to keep me busy these days. I don't believe I could manage anymore work."

With that said, Ray stripped the clothes line of their sheet and said, "Believe me, you always manage it just fine. No complaints from the boss."

Livy was beginning to breath short quick breaths at just the thought of her honest days work.

Ray took Livy by the hand and led her towards the barn. Before they reached the barn, Livy, feeling frisky, took off running. Ray, delighted at her playful nature, took off after her. The thoughts of what was to come and having her sexy husband chase her, brought squeals of delight from Livy. This caused Ray to run harder after Livy. They reached the barn at the same time, both out of breath, from the run and thoughts of an honest days work.

When they stumbled into the barn, Ray flipped his hat in the air, and Livy knew then that she would be satisfied. Ray took off Livy's clothes without delay. She stood there only in her frilly panties-the kind that Ray liked. Ray spread their sheet from the clothes line out on the barn floor, and Livy lounged on it while Ray took his clothes off. Livy saw Ray's hat and got an idea. Ray was taking off his undershorts when Livy reached over and got Ray's hat and placed it on her head.

Livy, snickering, said, "Every honorable worker needs a hat to do her honest days work in."

Seeing Livy in his hat and her frilly panties only, brought waves of passion for Ray. He could only mutter, "You can wear my hat anytime, preferrably with nothing else."

With that request, Livy removed her frilly panties and threw them to the side. Soon Ray and Livy were rolling in the sheets. Echoes of giggles were heard in the barn. Livy and Ray both exploded with desire for one another and continued to enjoy an honest days work.

When the desire was satisfied, they laid on their backs and gazed to the top of the barn. Both lost in the thoughts of what just happened. Livy and Ray both smiling,

"Nothing like an honest days work, for an honorable, beautiful woman." Ray playfully said.

Livy answered, "Who knew honest work could provide such satisfaction for an honorable woman."

Later, as Ray caressed Livy's spine like he always did, Ray wondered,

"What's Daniel doing, taking a nap?"

Livy playfully replied with their inside joke, "Daniel who?"

Ray wrapped his arms around Livy and they rolled in the sheets and began another honest days work. Giggles still echoed in the barn for a while longer.

When they left out of the barn and headed to the house, Livy still had on Ray's hat. Ray liked his wife wearing his hat.

Livy, wanting to keep up their playful encounter, asked Ray, "When I have another honest days work, can I wear your hat?"

Ray instantly said, "You bet."

Ray found yet another attraction to Livy-her satisfaction in an Honest Days Work.

And the screen door slammed behind them and they could hear Daniel babbling. Ray smiled to himself at the sounds of their house.