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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Girl of Ray's Dreams

One evening, while laying in bed talking, Livy asked Ray again,

"Why did you agree to this arrangement of marriage? It is obvious to me that you could have any girl that you wanted, Ray."

Ray turning from his back to his side, looked Livy straight in the eyes and said,

"Maybe so but they weren't the girl of my dreams."

Livy, blushing and unconvinced, continued to dig a little deeper with her questioning

"You'd never met me Ray, how could you know I was the woman of your dreams? Besides I had extra......"

Ray putting his finger over Livy's lips, would not allow her to speak of herself so negatively. Besides she and Daniel were the best thing to happen to Ray; he was convinced of that.

Ray thought for a second about what he was going to say next. He didn't want to come across to Livy that she was in love with a man who was a bit strange.

"There's just somethings you can't explain why. Why did my parents die? Why did Danny get killed at Pearl Harbor? Why did your mama die and leave you so lonely. Why did you spend one night with a stranger?" All I know is that God has a will for our life and if we seek him and know Him, He will reveal his plan to us.

Livy, always humbled by Ray's understanding of her one night with Edward, asked the same question,

"I understand that Ray. But you'd never met me so how did you know that this arrangement would work out-with both of us falling in love with each other and you loving Danny like you do?"

Ray, smiling at Livy as he always does, told her something that he himself found hard to believe. But because he had seen it, he believed it.

"Livy, you will probably find what I am going to say as a bit strange, but it's true. From the time I was about twenty years old until the night before you came to Wilson, I would have this recurring dream. The same dream over and over. It wasn't a long dream just a speck in the night. I'd have it probably every month or so. After I dreamed it several times, I told Danny about it. He seemed to think it was my future wife."

Livy very interested in the dream asked Ray to tell her more.

"Well, in the dream I may be out in the barn and walking towards the house or driving up the road to the house, and this girl would be out on the porch holding a baby. I wouldn't recognize her. The closer I got to her the blurrier she became. But I knew she was beautiful, and I had this love and pride for her in my heart when I saw her."

Livy, intrigued, wanted to know more and asked,

"Did the dream ever change? Did you ever find out who this girl was?"

Ray holding Livy close and tight told her,

"Yes, the dream changed and I found out who the girl was."

Livy, whose heart ached for Ray, and turning bit jealous of the girl, asked a question that she wasn't sure if she wanted to know the answer to,

"What happened Ray, how did your dream change and who was the girl in your dreams?"

"My dream became my life and you were the girl waiting on the porch for me to come home to. I know that Livy. The moment I saw you at Rev. Case's house, I knew you were the girl I had been dreaming of for the past several years. That was my assurance from God. I had to be patient though, because if I allowed you to see that this was your life then you'd stay. I couldn't push it. I knew from the day we got married that we would be together forever."

Livy, with tears streaming down her face, quietly mumbled,

"I am so glad God chose me as the girl of your dreams. I am so sorry that I came to you like I did."

Ray, reassuring as always, replied,

"It doesn't matter to me how you came, but that you made it here to me. So I could love you and take care of you. So you'd not feel so lonely, Livy. I love you and have for years now. One thing I didn't tell you. I prayed for you for a long time. Every night I dreamed that dream, I would wake up, after getting my thoughts together I would send up prayers for you."

Livy, yearning for that hope and faith that Ray had, wanted to know the prayers.

"What would you say to God, Ray?"

Ray quickly recited the prayers he said a many a night after seeing Livy in his dreams.

"I asked God to keep you safe and out of harms way until I could come to you and be the one that loved you, take care of you. See Livy, that's why it was easy for me to tell the Rev. I would do it, that I'd help you out during your situation. The Rev. didn't know about my dream, and to be honest I didn't believe you'd be the one from my dream. The moment I saw you, I knew from your stature and the way you held yourself and your hair, that you were the girl from my dream. I couldn't believe it. That night after we said good night and I came up to my room, I wrote our marriage down in the family bible and then I prayed. Thanking God for sending you to me, and during that prayer, God showed me the face of the girl on the porch holding a baby. It wasn't blurry anymore, it was crystal clear. It was your face, Livy. It was as beautiful as you are right now."

Livy wrapped her arms around Ray's neck and pulled him on top of her and kissed him more passionately than she ever had before. Ray kissed her right back and said,

"Had I known I would've gotten this response, I would have told you this our first night as man and wife." And Ray rolled Livy on top.

Livy responded,

"It's a good thing you didn't Mr. Singleton, I probably would have been a little frightened by that. It's good that you let me ease into it. Let me see for myself that you were the man of my dream. And you are Ray Singleton. You are the man I dreamed about my whole life. The man who could love me when no one else would."

The passion that Ray and Livy had become was ignited that night and Livy showed Ray that dreaming of her for all those years and loving her and missing her was all worthwhile. Livy wanted to make sure that she gave Ray something more to dream about than her waiting on the porch with Danny on her hip.

Livy took off Ray's clothes and kissed the exposed area with her tender lips. Softly and gently she made her way all over his body. Ray, not being able to control his desire for his wife,
frantically took off her night gown and panties with one swoop it seemed. He matched her kisses with his. The night was long as this continued for a while. They soon ended making love with both calling out each other's name. Livy laid on top of Ray while she caught her breath. She told Ray that she hopes she has lived up to the girl in his dreams and that she hopes that she has not left him disappointed. Ray rolled over to where he was now on top and told Livy,

"I had no idea how good you would be. The thoughts I had were only the beginning. It's a good thing I didn't know how good you'd be, I wouldn't had been so patient."

Livy giggled as she kissed Ray again and again. Thanking him for loving her when everyone else chose not to.

The silence of their love soon infiltrated the room and Ray and Livy lay in the depth of sleep, where Ray's dream girl didn't just stay on the porch with a baby on her hip, but came out to greet him with hugs and kisses and showed him how grateful she was for him rescuing her from her situation.