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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Did They or Didn't They?

I did write a story (The Ring) to fill the gap between Ray giving Livy the ring and her driving the beet box and smiling down on her ring. The Ring was posted before the porn gates, oops I meant flood gates, opened up with our non-Hallmark feel stories so it was very tame by what has become our standard here. I think I actually focused on Livy's thought process during that scene more than anything -- how she got from "I'm leaving" to "I'm staying." I do hope along with others who have commented here at TMOOD Blog that perhaps more than a kiss, even a passionate one, occurred as they celebrated Livy's acceptance of the ring, and her agreeing to stay and deliver "their baby." The question is, how much more likely occurred? Remember, Livy was to deliver "a Christmas baby" and here it is more than two weeks after Thanksgiving so she is pretty close to term. While my first thought was "no way did they do the deed" right there, I do wonder and Dr. skeetrfan has presented circumstantial evidence of Livy's hair that is compelling.

Here are some things to think about.
  • Today, most doctors say sex throughout pregnancy is okay unless there is a problem in the pregnancy (which in Livy's case there was not) OR if the cervix is starting to dilate. If she ends up delivering later that day, wouldn't her cervix likely have started to dilate? Question is, when did she last see the doc and did he check her cervix? Maybe, maybe not.
  • What did doctors say about sex during pregancy back in 1945? I read a story one time that took place in the 1800s and many people would not have sex during pregnancy because they thought the baby would see its father's you-know-what! And if that's not bad enough, they thought if the baby saw its father's you-know-what, it wouldn't want to come out and might be stillborn! Attitudes no doubt changed between then and 1945, but what were they at that point? Mmmmmmmmm.
  • Our hero Ray seems like he would not do anything to risk Livy's or the baby's well-being. On the other hand he has been reading up on preparing for baby so perhaps he's read about sex during pregnancy -- but what did the book say? Yes? No? Mmmmmmmmmm.
  • Then there is Livy's size. Would you want a man to see you naked for the first time when you are nearly 9 months pregnant? Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.
  • Maybe, as singleton gal likes to say, Livy and Ray had Baptist sex! It would help explain the transformation of Livy's hair and Ray's giddiness and comfort with getting close to her when he finds her by the fire pit.

Just some additional food for thought and a little devil's advocacy to get our thinking going (and remember, writing is processed thinking so get commenting and posting ladies!)