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Monday, March 21, 2005

Soldier's Sweetheart-Review

Just remember that I am a Skeet Ulrich addict, and my main focus was Skeet. I barely remember his name in the movie, Fosse, maybe. I didn't even catch his first name-I think Fosse was his last name.

Fosse hears a story about someone landing girls in Vietnam . Fosse gets the idea to get girlfriend, Marianne, in. She sent him the money to do it or he did, and he paid off pilots to bring in his love.

Marianne flies in three weeks to one month later. the other soldiers set them up a "love shack" bunker. It was amazing how the guys went along with it...No one telling. I think they all enjoyed her-like home. "She was Fosse's girlfriend alright, but we all enjoyed her, like a piece of home."

It was awesome to actually see Skeet get to be intimate and know what he said to her, who he did to her was genuine or possibly done before.

The ending could have ended differently- definitely not Hallmark.

You will not be disappointed if you are a true Skeet addict and even if you're not.

One thing disappointing to me was.....He was a chain smoker-which I probably would have been had I been in Nam. He look very natural smoking-like he'd practiced or knew from experience. But it was not too much trauma for me.

Skeetrfan, I would love to do some screencaps from the movie, but I have it recorded on VHS. Is it possible to post that on the computer? Please don't laugh too hard if that was a dumb question. I'll do whatever I can for our cause.

Over all, the movie was great simply because we get to see Skeet interact with his wife, maybe in ways he does at home. I was not a bit disappointed with that. The ending was not the way I like movies to end but still worth watching and having. I could definitely see/hear Ray in some of the dialogue