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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

A Soldier's Sweetheart - An Additonal Review to Tempt You

SU brings such heart to his character, Fosse - when Marianne (Cates) finally arrives in Nam you see the sheer joy on his face - there's this special energy when they hug each other - that first hug is so long and relaxed - you honestly believe they have missed each other for a long time - (at this point all the Skeet fans wipe tears of joy from their eyes - our boy and his gal - it's just so touching) - Fosse is giddy about having pulled off this major military coup and you can see the delight on his face whenever he looks at Marianne
There is one scene where she's trying to talk him into doing something that is not wise - at first he's adamant that it's dangerous, however she works her womanly ways and before you know it he's agreeing - watching his love struck animation is so funny - but what's a guy to do - he's in love and wants to make her happy.
There is another scene where Marianne learns to shoot - at first the guys are heckling her for the complete lack of skill, but on her 2nd attempt she proves herself a darn good shot - Right after Marianne pings a few hits on the target barrel, Rat (Sutherland) delivers a memorable line:
Rat: "I'd be careful what you say to the Mrs. from now on"
Fosse: "No sh** " - (too funny - in this scene SU is sporting a bucket style hat - looking very reminiscent of his IMDB photo - fashion haunts him even in Nam)
There is a lot of blood in the movie - but there is supposed to be - they are a medical outpost after all - I found my mind wandering during the 2nd trauma center scene - I started thinking about which Skeet films do not have him bleeding or covered in someone else's blood - interesting thought - there's not many.
About this time the film starts to take a darker turn - Marianne's interests are evolving and there is a growing tension in the camp - Fosse starts making plans to get her back home - he delivers a superb testimonial of his love for her - (at this point all the Skeet fans grab another hankie - our boy and his gal - it sounds so sincere)
By the time Marianne opts for a more vivid Nam experience, we are right down there in the trenches with Fosse. We're feeling his pain and it is the most gut-wrenching kind. Rat and Fosse share this fabulous scene where they both grieve (at this point all the Skeet fans grab the box of Kleenex - this is not going to be a "happily ever after" ending and we all know it)
If it had been my call I would have trimmed the last 5 minutes of the film completely - Show just enough to account for what became of Fosse, Rat and the other fellas - leave what becomes of Marianne more of a mystery for the viewer to contemplate. Overall I enjoyed the film very much - good entertainment!
Keep an eye out for wedding ring & tattoo cameos - just a few "whoops" to keep the true movie junkie on their toes.