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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Signs there’ll be whoopee at the farm tonight

This was borne out of a way-too-late p.m. chat session with a couple other addicts who shall remain nameless. We were discussing what might have been those tell-tell signals between a husband and a wife in the 40’s and it took a comical turn (for the worst? you decide!)
Additions Are Welcome!

12. (thx to pbright)
Ray: Ring, Ring, Ring
Livy: Score ! (wink wink)

11. (thx to jecorbin)
Ray: I love coming home, sleeping on my land
Livy: Yes, but trust me Ray the bed can be fun too!

Ray: Want to plant some beans?
Livy: Sure, the North field is ready!

Ray: I’ve been think’n bout Troy.
Livy: Ray, why’d you name our bed Troy?

Ray: I sound like I’m trying to sell you something.
Livy: I’ll buy whatever you’re sell’n, Mister.

Ray: Livy is there anything you like about me?
Livy: Actually yes, let’s start with those gorgeous full lips and go from there.

Ray: I’ll do anything to make you happy.
Livy: Ok, show me.

Ray: Farmers get to bed early.
Livy: Not tonight they don’t

Ray: You like to swim?
Livy: I love to swim. Let’s swim RIGHT NOW (wink wink)

Livy: I may not dance, but I could be persuaded to do other things…

Livy: Doesn’t that thing come with a manual?
Ray: Baby, I know exactly what to do with it!

And the Number 1 way you know there’s gonna be whoopee at the farm tonight…

Livy: Ray, how do you know this could work?
Ray: It works quite well, WATCH!