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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Shall We Dance, 2

This sequence is fun and we get to see Ray once again show Livy how to have a good time. She had already decided not to have a good time, "I may not dance.", and telling Ray that owning his land was "nothing in the span of history". Ray still chugged on like the train that thought he could. He always kept his cool at Livy's snide remarks and had a better come back, "but in the span of a life, that's near everything". Way to go Ray. What I don't understand is does Livy not know how to dance at all, or just the dance that they did. Livy was suppose to be this refined young women from Denver, and Ray is a lonely beet farmer. This to me shows that Ray had a social life, just not anyone he wanted to spend it with. There were girls, we can see two of them on the dance floor waiting on someone to ask them to dance, but maybe not Ray's type. Ray was so complimentary of Livy when she danced. Such an encourager with his facial expressions and words. Livy had a good time even if she didn't want to admit it. I'd like to think that there was a slow song before they left the party-probably somewhere on the edit room floor- because it was too riskay (spelling please help) for Hallmark Hall of Fame movies (giggle,giggle).