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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Rude or Shy/Annoyed or Confused

The Daily Skeet Fix has the Fiesta omelet scene. I have a question. Why does Livy not even acknowledge that Ray walked in? Was she being rude or shy? Livy seemed so polite in other places-intros-"Nice to meet you" and she'd smile. At the train station- she excused herself to the ladies room-"Pardon me, please". So why does she choose not to acknowledge Ray when he walked in. I venture to say she is being "Rude!"- but later we see that the table turns. The night of the letter, she speaks to Ray and he chooses not to respond-we all know why and most don't blame him for not speaking.

Now when Ray leaves out of the dining room after his mouth catches on fire-hee hee-to go see Hank with the claw, does Livy seem annoyed or confused? Some thoughts out there for this Saturday night?

I hope everyone had a great holiday and maybe we'll all be back soon. I have started some chapters but not any that are complete enough to post. I'm on vacation next week, so maybe I'll have time to write and post.

Happy Easter everyone, I need to go because sunrise service is at 7 o'clock-that's extremely early.