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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Re: Where Did You Meet?

Skeetrfan is so on the ball with our request. The picture that is posted, I believe, is the frame after the women asked in unison, "How'd you meet?". The comment I had made about the that particular frame was that there were probably alot of outtakes on that scene because it looked as if Skeet-not Ray-was ready to bust out laughing. I would love to see some outtakes of the movie-The claw scene, dance, how'd you meet? But I love this scene at the potluck lunch because once again it shows how Ray is always looking out for Livy-even going to the extent to lie for her. Way back when I had only watched this movie a few times (boy that was a long time ago), I wondered why they left the potluck and didn't stay. The lunch was a weekly social event (that is what is stated in the book) to be able to talk with other people. I have since decided that Ray suggested that they leave in order to protect Livy from all the questions that everyone might have. Since Ray was a "fine young man", everyone would want to know about Livy and why Martha had not even told them about Livy. They expected that from Ray who was a private man, but not Martha. Ray didn't want Livy overwhelmed. The next scene that follows them leaving the church is one that I have grown to love and replay several times before moving on is the scene where Livy tells Ray she needs to mail a letter to "her sister-who lives in Corpus Christie,Texas" (oh please), and Ray replies in a soft gentle voice that I find as a total turn on-"It's Sunday-thePost office is closed. I'll be happy to mail it for you tomorrow." I love it. I believe I need to revamp my top three scenes and put that scene as one of my three. I hope I didn't get too far off the picture that was posted. Hey, it is the next scene. Oh how I love this. This site is awesome.