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Thursday, March 17, 2005

RE: love the fishing scene,too

I have love this scene from the very beginning. Sometimes in the morning between making my kids lunch, I watch this scene. Seeing Skeet in his hat and white shirt with his tan face and brown, brown eyes-it's all I need to get me through the day. His talk of "Not the best time for fishing.....it's the being out here, I suspect" Melt me like butter. I love the stealing a glance of Livy's stocking feet, turning to look out on the pond, to turning back to catch a quick glance of Livy swatting that dragonfly. I love it. I wonder what Livy thinks about Ray's comment about it was the just being out here that mattered?
Livy had to know that Ray was some what attracted to her and wanted to be her husband. Who would marry a women they'd never met, that was pregnant by another man? Someone who truly desired a wife, a companion to his lonely life. She had to know that he was committed. Whether she admitted it or not. He had already told her that it was "their" farm.
This scene I consider to be a sexy scene as well. There are several I believe in this Hallmark movie-G-rated but sexy none the less:).