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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Nightmare Scene 2

This scene is confusing to me as well, Skeetrfan. But here's my take on it. The movie tends to make us believe that it is the night of the kiss that Ray gave Livy that morning. I have to back track to get my whole thought in so bare with me.

The last known letter that we know that Livy sent was with Abbey. I would say that was 2-3 months before Livy received the letter from Edward-time span determined because Livy wore short sleeves, the size of her belly, convertible car.

From that time on we see Ray and Livy beginning a relationship and actually having fun.

The night that the letter comes, Livy has fixed Ray a romantic dinner with candles and all. He walks in and Livy, not Ray, says sheepishly, "Hi." Then we know what happens next- I want rehash it. The encounter ends with Ray saying, "Don't bother waitin' up." I think he said that so when he came home and she wasn't up that he could say he told her not to.

The next morning Livy gets up to fix breakfast for him which she has never done before, "I didn't know what you eat for breakfast because I've never been up that early." She then apologizes for somethings, Ray asks her which mistake, and then he kisses her. But Livy allows him to is the kicker here. She doesn't turn away, she didn't quit until he was finished. She went to Martha's I believe looking for him.

Did Ray realize that she was reaching out to him that morning getting up early, wanting to be with him-kisses? She did want to be with him the night before. Since her sister left with the last letter, Livy had not desired to send anymore. Or she would have.

The nightmare scene is where I believe that Ray realizes that Livy has so much guilt. She is sobbing about giving "my life away to a stranger...How could I do that?" I think the temple rubbing is Ray's frustration of maybe not knowing how to help Livy. It is later after countless nights of loss sleep that he realizes she must forgive herself before she could possibly accept his love and acceptance.

I don't know why he doesn't say anything maybe because he is not sure what the letter said. Even though Livy went out of her way that morning to fix him breakfast, apologize. She feels she has once again disappointed someone who cares about her. What happen the last time she disappointed and hurt a man-he sent her away. She may feel that is what she deserves.

I have totally rambled, but hopefully I got my thoughts across. But someone please tell me if Ray is wearing socks in that scene. Pause the DVD when he is in the doorway- is that socks I see? I love it if it is.