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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Livy's Assurance


I must say this before going any further; to clear my Southern Baptist conscience. I write this episode about Ray and Livy in the sanctities of their marriage. If there was no marriage-I would not entertain this next post. Know that I want more of Ray and Livy but wouldn't entertain these thoughts had there not been the arrangement of marriage:) Read on if you so desire to see a glimpse of these two in the privacy of their marriage bed.

This is a continuation of The Letter I posted on Monday.

Livy's Assurance

Several weeks had passed since the letter came to Ray. Livy had wanted to ask Ray about the letter, but she was scared to know who Amy Cooper was. Regressing back to his shy, awkward ways around Livy, Ray was acting different Livy thought. Ray spent a lot of time with Daniel and began going to bed when Daniel laid down. Ray seemed uncomfortable around Livy; almost afraid to be alone with her. Livy's mind began to worry and thought the letter may have something to do with Ray's behavior. It did. But not how Livy suspected.

Livy wanted to find out about Amy Cooper. Who could she ask? Who would know about her? Who would tell her the truth?

Ray would kiss Livy and hold her, even take hot baths with her, but it had been at least a several weeks since they had made love. Livy is sure they haven't since the letter came.

Ray tells Livy that he's tired and things around the farm aren't getting any easier. He would apologize to Livy several times, about their lack of intimacy. Livy reminded Ray that there is more than one way to make love. That always brings a smile to Ray.

That night, Livy decided to win Ray back. To make him forget about whatever was on his mind-the farm or Amy. Livy thought, I'm here, I'm his wife, and I love him. I didn't come this far to lose him to this farm or an old memory.

While showering, Livy thought about Ray and how much joy and love he brings to her. Even when she didn't deserve it. As the water ran down Livy, she imagined that Ray's nice strong hands were running through her long curls. Livy liked the pleasure Ray drew from her hair. When Livy let the suds run down her back, she could feel the tips of Ray's long fingers caressing her spine. He always did that after they made love and were lying there talking and laughing about something crazy-usually something from their first few months of marriage.

Livy was drying off and thanked God for allowing her to enjoy her husband with no shame or guilt.

Livy reached for her new gown set. Abbey had sent it for her birthday. Livy was glad that she had this new gown set. It was blue with lace on the bodice. It flowed to the floor like a ballroom gown. It had rose buds on the spaghetti straps. There was a robe to match with slippers. Livy knew that Ray would notice her new gown. He always notices her and any small change to her. He notices everything about Livy-her lipstick color, a new clip in her hair, nailpolish on her fingernails, change of perfume. Ray blames his attention to small detail on his loneliness after Daniel left for the Navy. He watches Livy so close because he's afraid that one morning he will wake up in the bunkroom and there will have been no Livy and Daniel. He's afraid he will wake up from his dream to the continuing nightmare of loneliness.

God, how Livy loves him. Livy just hopes that the farm is too much right now, not her and Daniel.

When Livy walked into the bedroom, Ray was reading a library book. Ray looked up immediately from his reading and smiled when he saw Livy. He raised his eyebrows as in realizing the new gown set. Ray held true to his ways and complimented Livy on her blue gown. Livy told him that Abbey sent it to her for her birthday.

"Remind me to thank her the next time she calls." Ray said with a chuckle to himself.

Livy waltzed seductively over to the dresser in hopes to draw Ray into her. Livy could see Ray's reflection in the mirror and he had not taken his eyes off of her. She saw him get out out bed and move towards her. Livy was relieved.

Their eyes locked in the mirror and Ray had his half smile. Livy melted. Ray walked up behind her and placed his hands on the sides of Livy's hips. Livy did not turn around because she could not. She was glued to the floor. Ray began to rub the palms of his hands around her hips.

"I like the way this gown feels-smooth , soft and cool to the touch, just like you Livy." Ray whispered in Livy's ear. Their eyes never broke the stare, they remained steady on each other.Livy lifted her hands to her neck to begin taking down the twist.

Ray quickly requested in his soft sweet voice,"Let me."

Livy moved her hand to the back of Ray's neck. Ray was distracted from the task on hand by the softness of Livy's neck. He continued to caress the side of her neck with his lips and after a bit he began taking out the pins in Livy's hair while he kissed warmly, the back of her neck. Livy couldn't breath, Ray was always so tender and loving.

Ray slowly, lovingly took Livy's hair down. He watched Livy's reflecton in the mirror as her eyes were closed. Livy was being loved by her husband and she had never enjoyed it more. She needed Ray to love her like this tonight and he did.

Ray found his way back to Livy's neck and he began kissing it. His hands slid down to Livy's waist and he drew her closer to him. Ray untied the robe and moved it to slide off Livy's sexy, slim body. Ray loved and desired his wife's body and intended to enjoy it tonight.

With Livy's shoulders now exposed, Ray began to trace the tops of them with his fingertips. He then moved the fullness of his lips to her shoulders and kissed them ever so lightly. Livy moaned, "Oh, Ray!" before she realized it. Livy was a little embarrassed and opened her eyes to see the satisfaction in Ray's eyes from her response. Ray liked it when she called his name and it turned him on even more. He pulled Livy closer to him. Livy leaned against him because she could no longer stand on her own.

Ray turned Livy to face him. He placed his manly hands on her face and drew it to his. Before their lips touched, Ray assured Livy.

"I love you so much, Livy. I have missed you, us. I will never wait this long again. No matter how tired I am."

Livy heard him before she drifted off to lose herself in the lust of her husband and the need to be with him.

When Livy could think again, she reached to take off Ray's undershirt. She dropped it to the floor. Ray stood there waiting on Livy. Their stares met again. And Ray lost his breath. He whisked Livy up and took her to their bed. Her gown moved above her waist as he laid her in their bed. Ray laid down beside her. Their stare had not been broken and that turned Livy on even more. Livy reached up to kiss Ray's full lips and said,

"I love you so much, Ray. I was so scared!"

Ray, puzzled by Livy's words asked,"Scared? You have nothing to be scared of with me."

Together they said, "I love you."

Ray moved closer to Livy. He removed her birthday gown and threw it to the floor. He playfully said, "Thank you, Abbey, I owe you one." They both giggled.

Livy removed Ray's pajama pants very deliberately and innocently. Ray liked for Livy to undress him. It assured him that she wanted him, not always him wanting her. The pants landed on top of Livy's gown.

Ray wrapped his arms around Livy and they rolled over with playful laughter. Livy was on top, the way Ray liked it.

Ray looked intently at Livy, soaking up her soft beauty. Livy's hair fell on Ray as they kissed. With each kiss, they went deeper and deeper. Livy slipped to the side of Ray and removed his boxers. They both remembered separately the first time they saw each other. Ray took Livy's delicate panties slowly and patiently off. Ray moved his lips across Livy's soft and luscious stomach. It amazed him that it was once Daniel's home. Ray stopped momentarily to wipe the wettness from his eyes, he always did when he thought about Livy and his son. One day another baby would live in her stomach and he would kiss it so they would know that their daddy loved them.

Livy looked down at Ray to see what happened, and smiled at the tears in his eyes. Livy laid back and enjoyed the love of her husband.

Ray moved up to Livy's breast and caressed them and kissed them. Ray enjoyed Livy's body-for his own pleasure-like God intended it. Ray was always turned on by Livy and tonight was no different.

Ray's arousal was strong. Livy could feel it on her leg. Livy moved Ray to her face and spread her legs as a sign to Ray that she was ready.

Ray found Livy's glance again, and said with his hands on her face, "I love you, Livy. I waited so long for you."

That's all he could say before Livy half way sat up and kissed Ray hard, long and deep. They dropped to the pillows and Ray entered Livy. With each rise and fall, Livy felt her husband's strength and love. Livy rolled Ray off of her and onto his back. Livy moved on top of Ray and helped him find the rise and fall again. Ray enjoyed watching Livy. Ray knew her well and knew when she had arrived.

Tonight they'd arrive together, but not before Livy had the ride of her life with Ray, several times.

Afterwards, Livy found her usual resting place on Ray and traced his chest-Ray caressed the spine of Livy's delicate back with his fingertips, he knew that Livy liked that. He knew a lot about Livy. More than Edward-Ray was sure of that.

Later, when Ray was fast asleep, Livy assured herself that Ray was there with her and not anywhere else.

But where had Ray been the past few weeks? Livy knew it wasn't with her.

To Be Continued