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Monday, March 28, 2005

Letter From the Past

This is Part I of a who knows how many part writings. I am writing blindly. Skeetrfan and I discussed this a little last night during chat room time. The next post will be the Rev. Case and his reasons for going to Ray and not another eligible bachelor. It all will tie together, just bare with me, and make one big story/chapter. I think/hope it will be worthy of reading. I have the thoughts in my head, just hope I can get them on computer.

Livy had driven into Wilson to go to the Post Office and pick up some cloth to make Daniel a new outfit for Easter. Ray had given live the last of the rations for the month to buy the cloth. Ray was always so good to Livy. She thinks often about how lucky she is. How God worked out her plan-or unplans-to the better of His will. live now knew that she had been made for Ray and Ray had been made for her. The only thing was, he lived in Wilson and she lived in Denver. God had to get them together somehow.

Livy never had the desire to be domestic until she came to Ray. His pure and simple life has made her want to do more-like cook, needlepoint, crochette, and sew. Martha was in charge of all this domestic makeover in Livy. Ray takes pleasure in seeing Livy learn something new. He feels that for now she want be bored because she loves to learn and try new things. Ray hopes this is enough for now.

Livy goes into the store and finds a nice piece of baby blue plaid cloth. She figures she will make him a pair of short coveralls-we know them today as john-john suits. Martha said that would be the easiest thing to make since it was her first big undertaking. Livy had made new curtains for Daniels room-the bunk room-and a spread for the crib, but not any clothes. Daniel was growing so fast. He is already beginning to crawl. Livy laughs to herself as she pictures Ray, everynight, down on all fours trying to teach Daniel how to crawl. That boy changed Livy. At first she thought for the worst, but each day she realizes that it is for the better and a part of God's plan.

Livy quickly stops by the Post Office to pick up their mail. Livy doesn't go to the Post Office as often anymore because she talks to her sister on the phone. Ray has been getting the mail lately because he is the one going into town. Not Livy, she's too busy becoming Susy homemaker over at Martha's or their house with Martha's help.

Mr. Orcher, the Post Master, was surprised to see Livy. He commented on how lovely she was and how that the baby hasn't changed her one bit.

Livy quickly responds, "If you could only see the inside, you'd see how he has changed me. All for the better, of course."

Mr. Orcher said with a smile, "Yeah, oh Ray has a smile every time he's here. Especially when I ask him how his family is. Sure is good to see him happy and smiling again. We were all worried about him after Daniel and everything. Sometimes I didn't see him for weeks. It's so good to see him happy and all. Just like the Singleton's always have been."

Livy reached out for the mail and Mr. Orcher commented on how much there was. He hadn't seen that much mail in one box in a long time. Livy smiled and said, "Mm..Hm."

Livy turned to go out and told Mr. Orcher to have a nice day and she hoped to see him soon.

As Livy hurriedly climbed into the truck, she dropped the mail. Livy needed to get back to Daniel because he had to eat soon. She moaned as she stooped over to pick it all up. The only mail that Livy noticed was the cream envelope with floral trim.

The return address read:
Amy Cooper
Post Office 161
Hamilton, CO

Who was Amy? Why was she writing Ray?

Livy thought about Amy and who she was all the way home. Ray had never mentioned anyone. But why would he? Who was this Amy? It could be a relative. But there were no Coopers on the Family tree in the Bible.

Livy decided that she was going to not worry about it. There was probably nothing to worry about. Ray would tell her, if it was worthy to be said.

Livy arrived home just in time. Daniel had become fussy and would not sit in the highchair. Ruth was glad to see live. She loves to care for Daniel, but with him breastfeeding still, it was hard to pacify him when he was hungry. Ruth tried to give him water, but he wouldn't take it. Livy quickly came in and picked up the baby. Ruth was so glad live was home. She thought she may have to go get her Uncle Ray, she really didn't want to have to do that.

Livy put the mail on Ray's table, and went to the couch with Daniel to fed him.

Livy asked Ruth if Ray had been in and Ruth said "No, he is still out in the barn."

Ruth would stay with live until this afternoon when they would all go over to her house for dinner. Ruth was a big help for Livy and lots of company. Livy so enjoyed having Ruth there to pass the time with. Ruth enjoyed spending time with Livy. They sewed together, they fixed each others hair and make-up. Ruth was so glad that Uncle Ray had found Aunt Livy. Ruth was still innocent enough to not put it all together and didn't realize that Ray was not really Daniel's daddy.

Ray finally came in for lunch. Livy had already put Daniel down for a nap and was fixing lunch. Ruth was right there with her learning how to be a wife. Livy thought it was quit amusing that Ruth was learning from her how to be a cook.

Ray laughed at the two of them. Livy was so patient with Ruth and all her need to be right there with Livy. Livy would not have it any other way.

Ray asked if there was any mail and Livy said "oh, yeah, so much I dropped it getting in the truck." Livy thought there was no need to mention the letter. Ray would tell her about it, she was sure of it.

Livy and Ruth continued laughing and carrying on about "girl stuff" while fixing lunch. Lunch was ready and Livy walked into the living room to get Ray, but he wasn't there. Livy didn't hear Ray go up stairs, but she wasn't paying attention either. She went upstairs to get Ray.

Ray was in the babies room just rocking in the rocking chair staring at Daniel.

Livy stood in the doorway and asked Ray, "Are you alright?"

Ray looked at Livy, "Yes, I just wanted to see my little man. I have missed him today."

Livy overflows with joy when she sees Ray and his love for Daniel. It is so obvious. Unlike her father, Ray shows Daniel how much he loves him even at this early age. Daniel will always know he loves him. It's times like these that Livy wants to give Ray a house full of children, his children.

Ray came down with Livy to eat lunch. Ray didn't say much at lunch, but he usually doesn't because Ruth and Livy dominate the conversation. Ray doesn't mind. He loves the sound of conversation in his home, that was once silent. Ray actually learns alot during lunch talk when Ruth is there. He learns that Livy enjoys "girly things".

Ray tries to take Livy out at least once a month and more often if the farm allows. They go to the picture show, dancing, and take beetbox rides. They actually have a spot that they go to, to look at stars. They usually end up making out. Ray loves this, especially since they never dated. He feels like a lovesick school boy. Best thing is, he gets to sleep with her,too, everynight. Unlike his school boy days.

Ray thought about alot during lunch and it was nothing about the girls conversation. All Ray could think about was "Why is she writing me now? What does she want? She doesn't know that I'm married?" Ray chose to ignore the letter in hopes the discouragement would be enough for Amy to leave him alone.

Ray hurriedly ate lunch and went back out to the barn. Livy reminded him that they were going to Martha's for supper. They needed to be there around five o'clock.

Livy decided that Ray must not have read the letter and went to the desk to see. The letter was gone. Ray had read it.

When Livy and Ruth were washing dishes, Livy asked Ruth if she knew Amy Cooper.

Ruth looked confused, and said slowly, "Nooo, should I?"

Livy smiled and said, "No, I just saw the name and wondered who it was?"

Who was Amy and what did she want with Ray?