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Thursday, March 17, 2005

I Love the Fishin' Scene, Too.

I do really like the fishing scene as well. Ray looks REALLY good in that white shirt and in the surroundings.

Skeetrfan and PBright mentioned the scene with the two biddies who want to know where Ray and Livy met. I don't think Ray was angry at them for being nosy. I kind of think his goodness doesn't allow him to think of them that way, plus he's known them all his life and has come to expect that of them (personally, I'd be a little curious myself if someone I'd known forever just shows up with a spouse one day!). I think at this point in the movie we have scene Ray embrace his role as husband -- making sure Livy has change to make her phone call, reminding her it is their farm, and the pride in his voice when he says the word wife as he introduces Livy to them. I think when they ask the question "where'd you meet?" his first thought is to step in and be her protector and to lie in order to save her from having to reveal anything embarassing. Then they leave as if they have to be somewhere else (Ray takes the cake and runs!) In the fishing scene Livy thanks him for that and he nods almost as if to say, "You can count on me to protect you."