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Monday, March 28, 2005

A few questions

I'm a little confused about something. During his profession of love for Livy Ray says, "I know marry'n wasn't your idea". At first I figured he meant that because it was all arranged, it wasn't her idea to be there.

But then I noticed, during their introduction, when Rev. Case says "we'll be over in the church", Livy shoots him a look. I wonder if she intended to come & stay with Ray until she decided if she wanted to marry him or not, but her father had made plans for them to marry without informing her.

It kind of makes sense to me, as we know that she really didn't intend to become domestic or even to be there for very long. It might even be possible that Abby didn't know they'd been married... no ring, etc. Except for letters, I suppose, Livy would've used her married name on the return address.

Any thoughts?