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Monday, March 21, 2005

Enjoyed the Book Version of TMOOD A Lot

Hi fellow addicts! I finished reading the book earlier today and really liked it. It provided major insight into Livy's background and her feelings that we couldn't have possibly gotten from a movie. The book is written in the first person from Livy's perspective, which can be hard to duplicate in a movie so I would recommend the book to anyone who has not yet read it.

The book did make me realize that Livy and Ray did not fall in love with each other at the same time (I had gotten the impression from the movie that it was happening them to both simultaneously only that Ray was more open to it than Livy was); in the book Ray succumbed long before Livy, and and she knew it and was dismayed when she realized it as she did not want to hurt him. She came around much more gradually and we see that she had so many other emotions she was dealing with at the time -- her mother's death, her father's severe and complete rejection of her, the loss of a promising career, separation from her sisters (two sisters in the book), the shame of her pregnancy, Edward's deception and rejection, the war, her emotions over the internment of Japanese Americans in general and her new friends in particular, and finally her marriage to a man with whom she initially had nothing in common. That Livy didn't throw herself off a cliff was amazing to me and I really had much more respect for her strength and resilience having read the book.

Ray's patience is evident in both the movie and the book although the movie Ray is much more appealing than the book Ray. Thank goodness that Hallmark decided that Ray shouldn't be balding and pasty as he is in the book or we never would have discovered our beloved Skeet!