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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Daily Skeeter Fix

Since my dvd is with my kids this week-total accident-I have been looking at the pictures on this site. The Daily Skeeter Fix pictures today with the dialogue down at the bottom of the screen has left that lump in my throat for Ray. How sad he was, thinking he was going to loose Livy, too. He had already lost most everyone else. What does Ray do? He sticks it all out there. He shows Livy that there is more to him than good deeds, he could satisfy her as well. I so wish I knew what Ray was thinking from the time he gave Livy the letter to the next morning when he kissed Livy. What did he think on the way out of the door, out doing his work? Did he cry? Did he feel alone again? I cry everytime I see this frame. My heart literally hurts. What did Livy do that day from early morning to the night when she went over to Martha's? Besides clean out her closet of pre-pregnancy clothes.

" I'm working the night shift at the Beet factory. It's something I sometimes do this time of year. Don't bother waitin' up?" said Ray, defeated and unsure of his future with Livy.

Why did Ray tell Livy not to wait up? Did he think she would have had she not gotten the letter? So he tells her that so he want be disappointed when she's not.